The Chiropractor Who saved Christmas…?

T’was the day before Christmas, but there was no cheer. No jingle bells jingled, no sound of reindeer. The word had gone out that Santa was sick. There would be no visit from jolly St. Nick. The people were sad; no gaiety sounded. For Christmas had come, but Santa was grounded. He drove down the … Continue reading The Chiropractor Who saved Christmas…?

Your iPhone is Destroying your Body

The iHunch The iSlump The iDecreaseMyLifespan The iSlouchMyWayintoDisease The iDestroyMyNeckandtheNervesthatLiveInsideMySpine Whatever you want to call it….go into your phone settings and turn off every notification that there is a new email/message/FB post. Then, ritualize your phone – check it once in the morning, once in the afternoon. The mornings I practice, I literally check it … Continue reading Your iPhone is Destroying your Body

You and my Christmas tree make me insanely happy!

My Christmas tree makes me insanely happy. The glitter, the lights, the sparkle…it is just delicious! I have been waking up early to journal beside it every morning since I put it up 2 weeks ago. I am inspired to be as sparkly and spread as much light as this tree does. I remember when … Continue reading You and my Christmas tree make me insanely happy!

Bone broth, this time in a banana smoothie

Bone broth #2 is on the way. When this is ready this afternoon, I plan on making a banana smoothie for my littles with this as the base. I add kefir, raw honey, and bone broth as the base, then bananas. Whip it up in my vitamix and voila! With love, Dr. Stephanie

What does a chiropractor give her kids as an after school snack?

This is what an after school snack looks like in my home: a cup of bone broth, unpasteurized cheese, pickles and some veg. If they eat up, the kidlets are rewarded with some fermented cod liver oil. I know it’s different. It’s old school. BUT everything here is as close to what it looks like in nature. Nothing processed, full of healthy enzymes, fats, bone marrow for my little ones developing brains.