Body Essentials : Symmetry


In my world of biomechanics, achieving symmetry and balance in the body is the ultimate goal. It is everything.

It is one of the reasons why I instantly fell in love with the Lagree method – symmetry is one of the core intentions of the workout. Have you ever noticed you are stronger on one side than the other? The dancing bears, scrambled eggs, chest openers… they are all aimed at developing an awareness in the brain, and symmetry in the muscles from left to right.

So, how do we fall out of symmetry? So many ways, but I will address some of the root causes in future posts.

For today, how can we improve our symmetry? Certainly consistency in the studio, and a conscious effort to understand how you move differently from left to right (the mirrors in the studio are a great way to do this!). Also, one of the best ways to correct and improve your alignment is getting your spine checked by a chiropractor. Regular checkups have the added bonus of amplifying your time, energy, focus, and allows more time spent in the studio training (versus injured or recovering).

It’s all about having a strong foundation to build on.

– Dr. Stephanie