How to Choose the Right Chiropractor in Toronto

Searching for a great Chiropractor in Toronto can be challenging, overwhelming and confusing. In this short video, Dr. Stephanie from The Health Loft in King West shares 3 important tips on choosing the right doctor for your back, neck and spine-related care.


If the doctor adjusts on the first visit how do they know where to adjust without taking the time to properly evaluate my case?

As a doctor who has been in practice for 15 years, I too find this question hard to answer. To properly decide where to adjust, and what the source of the problem you need to look the body from multiple vantage points.

This is why we take a measured and through approach on your first visit. Looking at the body’s adaptability from a holistic approach helps us zero in on what is ailing you and why.

Why would I want Xrays of my spine taken?

X-Rays are an objective measurement to evaluate structure of the spine, the curves of the spine, potential instability, and can give us further information on whether or not you are even a candidate for chiropractic care.

Will my doctor put me on a plan of care that will consistently look at my progress over time?

Simply put, they should.

You should be regularly evaluated to see how your nervous system, spine, range of motion, flexibility and muscles are changing, adapting and healing.

Otherwise – there is no objective way to know if you are getting better.

Does my doctor understand, and take the time to explain the difference between the symptoms I am experiencing and what is causing them in the first place?

This is where the experience of the clinician is very useful.

Sometimes, where we experience the pain is not the source of the pain.

For example, sometimes pain experienced in the shoulder is not actually originating in the shoulder itself.  Often, shoulder pain can be aa problem with the nerves and bones in the neck.

Your doctor should be able to explain this you.

To continue our example, if the doctor finds the neck to be the problem, the care plan should be for both the the neck(for the root cause) and the shoulder (for symptomatic relief).

Does my chiropractor LOVE what they do?

You should be able to tell that within the first few moments of entering their clinic. Is the front desk friendly and welcoming? How about the doctor? How have they set up their flow for maximum convenience for you? Does the doctor live the life they preach? Can you just sense they love what they do?

This is all subjective, but an important aspect to your healing is whether or not you trust the person delivering your care.

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