I Tried Chiropractic And It Didn’t Work…

Without knowing the full scope of your history, and how you have gotten to where you are now, this is a difficult one to answer.  What does “didn’t work” mean to you?  That the symptoms never went away, or that they have resurfaced?  That you were not able to reach a health goal you were aiming for?  

Regardless of the definition of “work” or “not work” I find the answer lies most often in one of three buckets:

  1. Your core problem was not addressed
  2. You were not under care long enough
  3. A combination of 1 & 2

What do I mean by core problem?  Simply – pain is nonspecific. Just because you FEEL a symptom in one place is not necessarily where the pain is ORIGINATING from.

Let’s say you are experiencing headaches.  This doesn’t always mean the problem is in your head.  Very often complaints of headaches are cared for and completely corrected by addressing issues of neural and mechanical issues of the base of the skull and the neck.  So a symptoms may show up somewhere, but it doesn’t mean that is the only place the problem exists.   This is true for neck pain, rib pain, low back pain, or any sort of pain.

This is why taking the time to properly diagnose the human frame as a whole is so important.  Measure twice, cut once is what my grandmother used to say.  She was referring to sewing of course, but it applies so well in the art and science of diagnosis.

Or, it may be both #1 and #2 combined.  

In any event, if you are experiencing something which is clearly a chiropractic issue, then you should give it another go.  Find a doctor who prides herself on the art of diagnosis, who puts together a care plan to address both symptoms and correction, and whom you trust.  Your health is your only real asset.  Invest in it wisely!

With love,

Dr. Stephanie