Week 2 Movement

Here’s the fitness circuit for Week #2 (details below).

I want you to aim to do this work 3x this week.



You may or may not be able to get through the circuits. Do your best. Leave your ego at the door. Don’t think. Just DO.
In addition, your step goal this week is 9000 steps/day. Rain or shine. Walk around your condo if you need to.
Wait at least 30 minutes before eating post workout.

Week 2 Focus: Circuits & Plyometrics Duration Side
Circuit 1
Power Jumps 30 sec
Squat to alternating kick (mini recovery) 30 sec
Lunge to Squat 10 reps Right Leg
10 reps Left Leg
Squat – foot near/far 15 reps Right Leg
15 reps Left Leg
Lunge – Squat Out – Squat In – Squat Out 10 reps Right Leg
10 reps Left Leg
Water Break – 1 minute
Circuit 2
Jacks 30 sec
Burpee with Jack legs 30 sec
Punch x 4, high knees x4 30 sec
Cross Jacks 30 sec